Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I want vector format instead of photos?

Two reasons. First, vector format images like svg are take up much less space. Second, vector format allow for inifnite zoom with beautiful, perfect presentation - no blurry lines and pixelation

Can any photo be converted to vector format?

Sort of. If you have a real world photo (as opposed to drawing, logo, etc), you may find that vector tracing isn't really useful. It does a certain artistic flair to some photos, so we encourage you to try it out

Can I try this for free?

Always! When you upload a photo you get ane exact preview of the result vector image. If you don't choose to download your photo, you don't use up photo credits

How can you convert jpg photos to vector format perfectly. I'm shocked!

<Blushing>. We use advanced AI technology caleld "deep learning" to solve this super-hard problem. Thanks for the kinds words!

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